What does it cost to ship a car?

Shipping is all based on where you live, if you want the car enclosed or open during shipping and multiple other factors. We refer to Discount Auto Transport for all of your auto shipping needs. Talk with us about a quote, or to find out if we are having any specials on shipping!! Get Discount Auto Transport contact details here >

Can I have a third-party inspection done?

Yes! We highly encourage you to get a third party inspection. We want you and your potential financial supplier to be happy and confident about your purchase!

What kind of trade-ins do you take?

While we’re mainly interested in other American classic cars, we do take in the occasional late model vehicle. We do not take: motorcycles, quads, land/real estate and boats. Please talk with us about what you have to trade in. Contact us HERE or call 360-588-4378.

Do you offer in-house financing?

We do not offer in-house financing. However, we have two great classic car financiers we work with. You can find their details and contact information HERE on our website. You can apply to both Woodside Credit and JJ Best Banc & Co..

What cars are you interested in buying?

We prefer to buy American classics from 1929 to around 1973. There are a few exceptions here and there, but that’s the main era of classic autos. Tell us more about what you have! Contact us HERE or call 360-588-4378.

Will you ship overseas?

Yes. We can send a car anywhere you need it to go. All we need is a zip code or port and we can get you a quote.

Will we restore your vehicle and for how much?

Call us. There’s no way of knowing the extent of what needs to be done and what your budget is unless we hear directly from you.

Do you take consignments?

Yes. We take all makes and models of collectable cars. From Mustangs to Maseratis!! Be it a vintage muscle car or an exotic import, we’ll help you move that car so you can find a new toy. Contact us HERE or call 360-588-4378.

What is my car worth?

We base most of our values on what Black Book says. From there, we take a look at mileage, number of doors, custom work done and overall condition. We cannot give you an estimate over the phone. We need to see the vehicle in person. We will give you an honest opinion of its worth. Contact us today HERE or call 360-588-4378.

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