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  • Metal Polish


    For chrome, copper, and aluminum
    Metal Polish quickly cleans and brightens polished metal surfaces. This ammonia-free, easy to use formula, safely removes road film, light rust, tarnish, and brake dust on both factory and non-factory custom polished wheels. It works great on running boards, side rails, side steps, bumpers, exhaust tips, mirrors, and all chrome parts.

  • One Step Polish


    Polish and Protection in one step.
    Pacific Classics One-step Polish and Sealant is super-charged with Polycharger to enhance and extend gloss, clarity and slickness. This one-step, polish and sealant is designed for painted surfaces to clean, polish and seal the surface leaving a mirror-bright shine that will not crack, peel, or yellow.

  • Paint Cleaner


    Prepares finish for waxing.
    Paint Cleaner quickly and safely removes most road contaminates, hairline scratches, and oxidized paint. Restores depth and clarity without using harsh abrasives or solvents. Prepares finish for waxes and sealants. Safe for all paints including clear coat finishes.

  • Paint Protection


    Produces and deep wet-look shine.
    Paint protection is formulated using Polycharger polymers. This unique formula consists of blending modified polymers which crate a cross linking bond. This process produces a durable protection that lasts wash after wash. Oxidized or neglected paint will first require use of Paint Cleaner.

  • Vinyl Protectant


    Works on vinyl, plastic, and rubber.
    Pacific Classics Vinyl and Rubber Protectant is ideal for vinyl and rubber surfaces. Not only does it help to protect and beautify these surfaces, but as an added benefit, the UV protection of this product is superior to any other on the market. Test have shown a significant reduction against ozone and ultraviolet rays which are known to crack and or fade most materials. This product helps keep those surfaces very soft and pliable.

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